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URGENT!  NEED VOLUNTEERS!  We have signed up for activities in the Larimer County Fair, for which we badly need volunteers.  This is also a great opportunity for elected officials as well, to get some exposure.  If you are available to help with the parade on July 25th, or man a booth any time from July 31 to August 4th, please sign up below.  Here's a note from our office about it:

"The LCRP has an opportunity to strut its stuff at Larimer County Fair from July 31st to August 4th. We will have an outdoor booth decorated with an emphasis on core Republican values, especially service. Please consider which day(s) you are available to meet people and talk about things that are important to them and their families in a positive and friendly manner.  Wear your 'country best' and biggest smile as you meet others who help to make Larimer County a great place to live.  We will have a list with possible talking points and tips for starting conversations -- so don't be shy!"

New Precincts, New Districts:  Some of our precincts were split to create new precincts.  We have created additional districts in Areas 1 and 3, and shuffled some of the precincts among districts to fit.  All District Captains will be meeting with their up-lines to discuss their assigned precincts, and new services.  If you are a District Captain, and have not been contacted for an appointment, please call the office at 970-224-2577.

CLICK HERE to sign up to help us with the Larimer County Fair Parade on July 25th, 8 - 11 AM

CLICK HERE to sign up to help us by manning a booth at the Larimer County Fair sometime from July 31st to August 4th (various times).

A Little Story for Voters

by Kathleen Hopkins

$$$ New Fundraising Record $$$

The LCRP set a new record for fundraising this year, estimating $47,000 in profits from it's Lincoln Day Dinner.  It was a huge success!  We'd like to thank everyone who participated and helped out.   It was a pleasant and memorable event.  A little more of this, and we'll be in super shape for the 2016 presidential election year!

New Precincts

Due to high numbers of active voters, several precincts have been split, adding 11 precincts to Larimer County.  The County Clerk will notify voters who live in the new precincts of their new precinct numbers.  The board is working to add new GOP districts to accommodate them and shuffle the precincts to fit.  Stay tuned, District Captains and PCs!

And the WINNER of the Rifle Raffle is:

Congratulations ED HAYNES: 
Super Volunteer of the Year!

Need a little extra cash?  Click here to walk for pay!

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