Larimer County Sheriff's Spring Citizens Academy

The Larimer County Sheriff's Office is looking for citizens who want to learn about their operations. There will be twelve classes held weekly on Thursday nights that will run between the weeks of February 9 through May 4th. Download the press release for more information.

Election Results:  Republicans Win Presidency and Congress

Please join us in welcoming the following Republicans into office:

Donald J. Trump, US President

Vicki Marble, Senate District 23

Hugh McKean, House District 51

Perry Buck, House District 49

Heidi Ganahl, University Regent At-Large

Clifford Riedel, District Attorney

Steve Johnson, County Commissioner

Tom Donnelly, County Commissioner

For more national results and details, google "election results 2016."

For Larimer County results and details, click here.  Results are official 8 days after the election.

Election Information and Voting Locations

For copies of the Blue and White books for this election, please visit
For voting locations and other election information, please visit

Letter from the Chairman

I have been asked to comment on the recent release of an old recording.

Of course, no one is pleased with the remarks heard on the 2005 tape. Such disrespect for women (or anyone) is unacceptable, whether voiced by a celebrity that would one day decide to run for office or by an anonymous person on the street. Each day I am offended by the increasingly common vulgarity and crassness in our popular culture including television, movies, music, comedy, dance, and more. From the university to the middle school, from the board room to the lunch room, from the television to the dinner table, all seem to be infected by this baseness.  That Mr. Trump and Mr. Bush apparently thought such language and conversation were socially acceptable is not only an indictment on each of them but on our culture at large. We have confused "liberty" with "license," and the resulting licentiousness is exacting a large toll. If lewdness is unacceptable, can we spend at least as much time discussing how to purge it from our communities as we do harping over 11-year-old sound bites?

Many have called for Mr. Trump to withdraw from the race...

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Celebrating Constitution Day

Yesterday was Constitution Day marking 229 years since the representatives of thirteen states did “ordain and establish [the] Constitution of the United States of America.” To me, though not marked with fanfare and fireworks, this day is a sacred day.

In the months of May through September in 1787, a convention of wise and trusted representatives chosen by the people of each state performed a work of staggering import. In an attempt to bring more security and prosperity to the new states loosely united under the Articles of Confederation, these delegates proposed a new government for the federated states. On September 17, 1787, their studies, debates, labors, sacrifices, and prayers resulted in a charter that by unanimous vote appealed to the members of the convention. But not trusting their

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New Meet and Greets Page

We are now hosting a blog page for candidate Meet and Greet socials.  CLICK HERE for details.  To add a Meet & Greet social, submit the CONTACT US form at the bottom of this page.