New Meet and Greets Page

We are now hosting a blog page for candidate Meet and Greet socials, starting with a Meet and Greet for Darryl Glenn in Estes Park.  CLICK HERE for details.  To add a Meet & Greet social, email Sonja at

Letter from the Chairman

Thanks for coming to our website. We hope you find the information you need. If you need further assistance, or if you would like to get involved, please contact us.

We recognize that many people have concerns about the recent caucuses, assemblies, and conventions. Please understand that much of the process is directed by state law. For example, if you would prefer to have statewide primaries instead of caucuses, you will need to persuade the state legislature. Also note that the county party cannot control how state assemblies and conventions are conducted.

We are happy to answer questions about our processes and help you know how you can be of influence in making changes. Unfortunately, some have resorted to making threats against party officials and volunteers. Note that we will take all threats to individuals and property seriously and pursue all appropriate remedies.

If you have suggestions for improving the caucus and assembly process here in Larimer County, please email your suggestions to me at I will be happy to consider each suggestion. I will also be glad to help you know how you may help to improve the process.

Thank you for your interest and efforts in advancing the liberty and prosperity of the citizens of our county, state, and nation.

Yours in liberty,
Bob Morain

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New Website Design

Welcome to the new site design for the LCRP. Navigating this new site can be done by using the new mobile friendly menu at the top left corner of your browser window.

Why did the site change?

The old site design was not phone or tablet friendly and many visitors were unable to navigate the website. This new design allows full website access for all visitors regardless of the device they are using.

- The LCRP Tech Team

Larimer County Straw Poll Final Results

(169 of 171 precincts reporting, 2 precincts abstaining)
 CANDIDATE  Poll Votes
 Carson  358
 Cruz  1583
 Kasich  199
 Rubio  780
 Trump  495

Larimer County Assembly Passed Resolutions

The final list of resolutions that were voted on and successfully passed by majority vote is now available for download.

Upcoming Colorado GOP Events

Event Date/Time Locations
GOP Primary June 28, 2016
Republican National Convention July 18-21 Cleveland, Ohio
General Election November 8, 2016  

~ Fall Debates ~

Sept 26: 1st Pres.
Loc: Dayton, OH

Oct. 4: V. Pres.
Loc: Farmville, Va

Oct 9: 2nd Pres.
Loc: St Louis, MO

Oct 19: 3rd Pres.
Loc: Las Vegas, NV