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Important Event Dates:

     Caucus:  March 1, 2016
     County Assembly:  March 19, 2016, at the CSU Lory Center Ballroom, morning/afternoon

CLICK HERE to see the Presidential Debate Schedule
CLICK HERE to see information and sign a petition to take action against the US Army kicking out Green Beret Charles Martland for protecting against child abuse on a military base in Afghanistan!  Our moral decency is on the line!

Book Lovers!

If you would like to know more about what is at the heart of the Islam/Muslim controversy, here are a few books by the top authority on the history of the Middle East, Bernard Lewis:

The Crisis of Islam:  Holy War and Unholy Terror

What Went Wrong:  The Struggle between Islam and Modernity

CSU Parade Announcement

Wondering who to support for Loveland City Council and Thompson School Board elections?  CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE to view information from George, who has some very experienced views on Islam and the Middle East.

See the excellent speech that Cory Gardner gave against the Iran Deal...

Corny Wagon! Corny Jokes! Corny Fun!  with Paul A., Bill D., Greg S., County Clerk Angela Meyers and hubby, Jim W., Gary D. and our Chairman, Jim C., among the stalks


$$$ New Fundraising Record $$$

The LCRP set a new record for fundraising this year, estimating $47,000 in proceeds from it's Lincoln Day Dinner.  It was a huge success!  We'd like to thank everyone who participated and helped out.   It was a pleasant and memorable event.  A little more of this, and we'll be in super shape for the 2016 presidential election year!

And the WINNER of the Rifle Raffle is:

Congratulations ED HAYNES: 
Super Volunteer of the Year!


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A Little Story for Voters
by Kathleen Hopkins