Here's the information for Caucus 2018, held on March 6, 2018.

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How do you determine if a person is eligible to participate in Caucus?

All republicans who have been registered at their current address 60 days prior to caucus are eligible to participate.  If they are not on the check-in list, you can check their registration at to find their precinct and location.  If they still don’t come up, go to to confirm their voter identity and eligibility.  Everyone is welcome to come sit in the caucus meeting, but only those registered to vote may vote in the caucus.  If a person comes in and is not on the list, you can go to and check their registration status, and they must be at their active residence by January 8th, 2018.  If you have specific questions, you can call the clerk’s office (970) 498-7820 the GOP office (970) 224-2577, Bob Morain (970) 217-6311, or Melanie Calderwood (970) 219-0230.


The number of delegates is determined by the number of Republicans that voted in the election of 11/8/2016.  Because 32 new precincts were added to the county thru July 2017, the dataset used to make the calculation was August 2017.  A database query was used to calculate the number of voting Republicans.  These vote numbers were electronically copied into the standard spreadsheet, which calculates the number of delegates allotted to each precinct.  The spreadsheet was adjusted for the additional precincts in advance.  And further adjustments were made to avoid problems with rounding errors.

 The Delegate Selection Committee then reviewed the numbers, ensured that all was done correctly, given the numbers provided by the LCRP officers, which they then certified.  These numbers were then given to the LCRP chairman so that caucus work could proceed.  The Delegate Selection Committee consists of 2 registered Republicans from each area, for a total of 6 people, as required by the LCRP bylaws.”

 Sonja Thompson, Delegate Selection Committee Chairman, Caucus 2018

 How many alternates can a precinct elect?  The number of delegates a precinct can elect are listed on your caucus cover sheet.  Any precinct can elect more alternates than allocated delegates, but all people nominated for higher assembly must at least be an alternate for county assembly.  At the county assembly, alternates will only represent the precinct they were elected from.  A person may not be a delegate to a higher assembly if they receive 0 votes to be a county delegate. 

When Are the Assemblies?  What are the Costs?
County Assembly- March 24th 8:30 a.m. Thompson Valley High School, Delegates $20, Alternates $15
2nd Congressional- April 13th TBD Ken Pratt Best Western, Longmont, CO- Delegates $5
State Assembly- April 14th a.m. Coors Event Center Boulder, CO Delegates $70, Alternates & Guests $60.  All can be paid through the links on the webpage and will be open after caucus.  Any one can attend the higher assemblies, but they must pay the guest fees, if there is one.

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